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The Importance of Quality Dog Food For Dogs

Food is important to dogs, just as it is to humans. The diet of your dog must meet all of his body's nutritional needs, from energy to the nutrients that make up each tissue and fuel every cellular process. Too much or too little of any of these nutrients can quickly cause upsets, and introducing something unexpected into your dog's diet will almost certainly result in complications.

The dog food you choose affects your dog's satiety, muscle health, weight, energy, and overall well-being. This is why every dog owner should make it a point to feed their pets with quality dog food that suits their needs. With that, pet owners should also learn more about dog food quality.

Read on to discover more about quality and premium dog food and why this is important for your dogs and their health.

Feeding Species-Appropriate Dog Food

There are numerous benefits to feeding your dog a diet that is appropriate for his species, such as:

  • Satisfaction Acquired

Animals digest and use the ingredients in low-nutrition foods quickly. When this happens, your dog's appetite skyrockets. Furthermore, certain ingredients found in poor-quality foods are never used by the body! Because of this, if you feed your dog low-quality food, he will go potty more frequently.

When you feed your dog species-appropriate food, he will be more satisfied. This is due to the "usability" of the ingredients in the food. Note that species-appropriate food is made up of ingredients that meet your dog's biological needs. With over 60 years experience and a background in performance nutrition, one of our product range is sure to suit your dogs needs.

  • Increased Muscle Tone

Protein is essential for the health of our dogs' cells, tissues, and organs, just as it is for us humans. The amino acids required for these repairs can only be found in protein. In the absence of proteins, our dogs' access to essential amino acids is severely limited. Inadequate repair leads to muscle atrophy and decreased muscle tone.

You can ensure that your dog gets the amino acids he needs for daily "system maintenance" by providing a sufficient protein source. All of our foods contain a balanced amino acid profile to benefit your pets' health.

  • Optimal Levels of Energy

Our dogs, like us, get their energy from the food we eat. To function, the body requires energy. This energy is obtained by breaking down food. Certain foods degrade faster than others, releasing energy more quickly. Certain foods take longer to digest and release energy.

Consider the difference in how you feel after eating a candy bar versus a serving of whole-grain crackers. You will experience a "sugar crash" after your body has depleted all of the candy bar's quick-release energy. Your body, on the other hand, can "separate" complex fuel sources into smaller "pieces" by eating whole-grain crackers. As a result, you will have more energy for a longer period of time and will avoid a sugar crash.

That is pointless. The same thing happens when your dog eats. Superior dog foods provide energy sources that can be used for an extended period of time. All of our products use whole grains to deliver sustained energy for your dogs.


When it comes down to it, we should simply care for our dog's health just as much as we should for our own. That is why all of our diets are balanced, nutritious and exactly what our pets need for a happy heathy life.

Are you looking for the best dog food manufacturers and products? For 60 years, Feedwell has produced dog food suitable for all breeds and sizes. Shop online today!

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