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How Often Should you Feed Your Dog in a Day?

How Often Should you Feed Your Dog in a Day?

Should you feed your dog once or twice a day? At a specific time?

When you feed your dog at the same time every day, it is easier for them to get used to their routine. If they need to go outside, they will do so within fifteen minutes of their meal. This makes it much easier to train puppies, and it also provides rescue dogs with a stable schedule that they may not have had before.

How Many Times a Day Should Dogs Eat?

The basic answer to this question is that it depends on the size of your dog. Small dogs, who don't eat as much, should eat once or twice a day. Larger dogs, such as Labradors, should have three meals a day.

Larger dogs are also often better with three meals a day, as the time in between meals is long enough that they get hungry again, and they are chewing the food instead of gulping it down. If your dog is a gulper, breaking up their meals into smaller portions is good.

What's the Best Time to Feed Your Dog?

In the mornings, you can feed them and then take them on a walk immediately afterwards. This way, they are on a schedule, and they know that they will have to go outside at the same time every morning.

It is also a good idea to feed them when you come home from work in the evenings. This way, you are home to play with them for a bit and get them outside for a bathroom break.

Remember that dogs should not eat late at night, as their bodies will not digest the food properly. Nighttime is also when they should be allowed to roam and explore instead of cooped up in a crate or small room.

What About Dogs Who Free Feed?

Free feeding is when you give your dog a bowl of food in the morning, which they can eat throughout the day. This was most popular years ago, though it is still practised by some dog owners today.

Some dogs know how to regulate what they eat, while others will eat every kibble you give them until they get very sick. These dogs should not be free fed, even if they are small. Instead, it is good to give them a portion of kibble and then take the rest away.

Free feeding is never a good idea, but this is particularly true for dogs prone to overeating.

How Do Dogs Know When It's Time for Them to Eat?

If it is morning time and you have not fed your dog, they will let you know by whining. If it is nighttime, they will be restless and pace around. Your dog is also likely to start barking or howling, especially if they are set up in a crate.

If you have dogs in an outdoor kennel, the barking may worsen. This is because they are outside, and they will not be able to tell the time independently.


How people feed their dogs is dependent on the situation. Dogs who live in the city, for example, should not be allowed to roam and eat at the same time, or they will be an attractive nuisance. As you can see, there is a lot to learn about feeding your dog. Still, the best thing is to make sure they are on a schedule.

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