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A Beginner

For most pet owners, one of their biggest worries is how to healthily feed their dogs. There is often difficulty in making sure your dog is taken care of in terms of nutrition because it greatly varies for each dog. So what may work for one dog does not work for another.

Additionally, dogs are not similar to humans, which means their diets are completely different, too. You will have to learn the basics of what you can and cannot feed your dog. In this article, we will answer some of your most common questions about what you can and cannot feed your dog.

Is It Better to Feed Dogs Raw Food?

There is a trend among many owners wherein they put their dog on a raw diet. This originates from the ancestral line of dogs who were hunters in the wild and would eat raw meat. If done with proper care, dogs eating raw meat can be beneficial.

However, this “proper care” is a very tedious process of ensuring the meat is clean and wherever the raw meat came from also ate a healthy diet. Today’s modern dogs have evolved and earned the capability to digest more complex carbohydrates and cooked food.

Can Dogs Digest Complex Carbohydrates?

As mentioned above, dogs have now evolved to be able to digest complex carbohydrates for their energy source. However, their main energy source should still be protein and fat, and it is encouraged that this is what their diet should be mainly composed of. However, feeding dogs carbohydrates is not an issue but it is best to serve these carbohydrates to be cooked as it makes it easier for dogs to digest.

What Are a Dog’s Nutritional Requirements?

Different dogs have different specific nutritional needs. This will depend on their breed, size, weight, and more. Sometimes even dogs who come from the same breeds might have different nutritional requirements.

However, the six basic nutritional requirements that are common among all dogs are water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Just like humans, dogs also have a minimum dietary requirement for their minerals and vitamins and at the same time, there is a margin for maximum intake of these. Some minerals and vitamins can be toxic to dogs if taken in excessive amounts.

How Do I Look for Good Dog Food?

Good dog food that meets the nutritional needs of your pup is very crucial for their health and well-being. When looking for dog food, do not fall for the concept of “premium” dog food. Most of the time, the difference between these and other dog food is the price. There is even so-called premium dog food that is bad for your dog.

Instead, it is important to look both at the nutritional value and the ingredients. Make sure to try and get as organic ingredients as possible with some meat in it. It is also best to try and make sure that the dog food has low sodium content as a lot of dog food tend to have a lot of sodium in it, making it unhealthy for your dog.


Owning a dog can be a huge responsibility. However, it is a very rewarding one. You can take great care of your dog. Just remember to continually check their diet, especially their energy source. Make sure to get them their necessary minerals and vitamins without taking too many or too little. Ensure that you are giving them the appropriate amount of energy to keep them active.

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